Frequently Asked Questions and HomeTrek Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the HomeTrek Website? 
The website can be found HERE, make sure you create an account before trying to submit an application. For further instruction on how to create an account click HERE.

I have not received an email confirmation to create my password. 
Please check spam or your junk folder in your inbox. If nothing has arrived within 20 minutes please contact support. 

I registered but I can't log in. 
Make sure you are using the correct link to log in (HERE. Your username will be your email you used to set up your account and you created your password from the confirmation email.
- If you are still experiencing problems, try resetting your password.
- If you are expressing further problems, please contact support. 

How do I navigate the HomeTrek website? 
Find a video overview of HomeTrek HERE

I created an account, what is next? 
Click below to according to your needs. 

How do I report a concern? 
You can report a concern under the contact us page on the HomeTrek website. You can be logged in to submit a concern or not. Find a visual HERE

How do I submit a bid for a unit?
First you will want to make sure you have an up to date ownership application. You can check it by going to qualifications section on your profile. Find a visual HERE

How do I complete a qualification packet? 
You will want to be logged into your HomeTrek account. If you are filling out an ownership application you will want to click on Buy/Apply, for a visual on an ownership qualification find it HERE. If you are looking to apply for a rental unit you have been offered find a visual on what to do HERE. Find additional resources below.

Applying for a Privately Managed Unit

Applying for an APCHA Managed Unit

Completing a Long-Term Rental Qualification Packet (can be used for Truscott Phase I units)

How to Pay Rent (APCHA Units Only)

How to Submit a Service Request (APCHA Units Only)

Submit a Bid for an Ownership Unit

How to add a Household Member

Who do I contact if I am needing assistance? 
If the FAQs or videos aren't helping there are other resources available. To contact the Help Desk the number is (970) 920-5259. You can also email us at 

Why are pages taking so long to load? 
The application that HomeTrek is run on works best with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, we highly recommend that users use those web browsers when working in HomeTrek. 

Video Instructions

Know the Basics

HomeTrek Website Overview
Creating an account in HomeTrek
Resetting your password

Qualification Videos 

Creating a Rental Qualification Packet
Adding a Household Member
Reporting a Concern