Homebuyer Education

As of July 29, 2019, all applicants for APCHA ownership properties will be required to take an APCHA-approved Homebuyer education course and will need to provide a certificate of completion with their qualification packet. Households who need to re-qualify will also need to complete a Homebuyer Education Course if they had not previously and regardless of whether they currently own. 


The courses approved by APCHA include two Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved courses offered by Framework and CHFA. APCHA requries only one certificate of completion for the household.


There is a $75 fee for the Framework course. The CFHA course costs $99 for the first applicant, $50 for a 2nd applicant; if the applicant chooses to take the course in person (normally held in Grand Junction), the course is free. Applicants need to sign up in advance for the in-person course and which usually has a two-month wait list.

HUD-approved course

Many lenders also require their buyers to take a HUD-approved course as part of their lending approval. Therefore, check with your lender first, to learn what courses may be required.