Mission, Vision, & Values


APCHA supports affordable workforce housing for a sustainable community and a prosperous economy.

We accomplish our mission through equitable policies, accountable management, and innovative development to meet the changing needs of APCHA residents and the community. We effectively communicate and partner with the community to accomplish this mission.


APCHA aspires to cultivate the country’s most vibrant mountain community – diverse, connected, healthy, and thriving.


Our work is guided and informed by our commitment to:

  • Public Trust: Do what is ethical and in the public’s interest. Protect the housing program’s integrity and accountability. Demonstrate equal opportunity, fairness, and consistency in all actions.
  • Quality Service: Provide respectful, friendly, timely, consistent, and proactive customer service. Provide fair and compassionate service. Increase program simplicity and clarity to improve the customer experience.
  • Transparency: Communicate frequently and accurately to increase public awareness and understanding of the program, its rules, and decisions.
  • Accountability: Promote inventory and occupancy integrity. Adopt organizational best practices. Create a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. Demonstrate excellent financial stewardship and governance.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Implement state-of-the-art systems, processes, and policies that will increase customer and staff efficiency. Demonstrate value and verifiable results to public and decision makers through reliable data and reporting.
  • Equity: Provide equal opportunity of access to housing for qualified workers at various income levels. Provide consistent and even-handed enforcement of the housing regulations.
  • Innovation: Foster creative solutions to solve problems and increase cooperation in the community. Be open to new and more effective ways of doing business. Have a long-term vision and strategy for success.


I. Pursue organizational excellence
An organization maintains and enhances its institutional structure and credibility through financial and professional integrity, strong governance, and excellent decision-making. Strong organizational capacity will allow APCHA to fulfill its mission and vision, create value by providing a broad range of products and services, and innovate to maintain our relevance.

1. Improve the governance and operational infrastructure*
2. Ensure success and full implementation of HomeTrek

II. Ensure financial and housing stock wellbeing within the current financial realities of the city and county
The financial strength of APCHA relies on excellent management and a robust, well-cared for housing inventory.

1. Develop, approve, and implement capital reserve policies for deed-restricted property owners*
2. Expand (including identifying additional/independent) APCHA funding sources
3. Develop innovative ways to deliver housing

III. Assure the integrity of the social compact with the community and our resident
Since its inception, APCHA has been a key component of the upper Roaring Fork Valley community, entering into a social compact not only with its residents, but with the community at large. That social compact requires open, transparent communication between APCHA, our residents, and the community. The integrity of that social compact is critical to assure the achievement of APCHA’s mission and vision.

1. Increase clarity of eligibility, residency requirements, and rights of tenants/owners*
2. Review and align deed restrictions to fully convey expectations, responsibilities, and obligations of deed-restricted home ownership
3. Improve understanding of and compliance with a renewed social compact with APCHA residents and the community*
4. Improve the appeals process

IV. Earn and maintain the public trust
Housing stability is a critical component of a thriving community, and APCHA serves a critical role in this regard. As a service program that relies on the public’s support, APCHA must be able to earn and maintain that public’s trust to achieve its mission and vision.

1. Identify opportunities to improve program participation*
2. Improve the effectiveness of public outreach

V. Apply housing expertise to help build community
Over its long history, APCHA has become nationally and internationally recognized for its expertise in assuring affordable workforce housing. As the workforce ages and retires, and as the way we work continues to change, APCHA can apply its expertise and policies to assuring the community addresses those changing needs.

1. Optimize occupancy in APCHA properties
2. Examine opportunities to broaden housing eligibility for special circumstances
3. Formalize a plan for participation in regional housing issues