What is APCHA?

APCHA (APP-sha) is the acronym for the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority. The APCHA program provides affordable housing to full-time or seasonal employees who could not otherwise afford to own or rent a home in Pitkin County. APCHA is different than most housing authorities because you must be an employee of Pitkin County to reside in our housing. Programs such as Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly Section 8) are administered by the State of Colorado - Department of Local Affairs  .

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1. Do I qualify if I am self-employed?
2. What is APCHA?
3. Who is eligible for APCHA housing?
4. How is APCHA funded?
5. How much employee housing does APCHA have?
6. Are there seasonal rentals?
7. Are there year-round rentals?
8. How do I find a rental?
9. How do I apply?
10. Do any rentals allow pets?
11. If I am having trouble with my landlord, who can help me?
12. What are the qualifications to purchase employee housing?
13. How do I find out what is for sale?
14. Can a single person buy a 2 or 3-bedroom unit?
15. What is the order of priorities for sales units?
16. Who can help me with the loan?
17. What are the Borrower’s Ten Commandments?
18. Is there an appreciation cap on employee housing sales units? Why?
19. How do I find out more about buying employee housing?
20. Do owners have to list their deed restricted property through APCHA?
21. How do I sell my deed restricted housing?