HomeTrek: APCHA's Digital Info Management System


HomeTrek is an automation project to modernize how APCHA does business with the public and its customers. Throughout 2020 and 2021, APCHA has been working with Hexaware, its global IT consultant, to build a housing information management system off the Salesforce platform. HomeTrek will not only improve information gathering and program transparency, but will give customers the opportunity to conduct most business online, including applications, affidavits, and making payments.

As one of the largest housing authorities in Colorado, APCHA requires a lot of personal information. This includes information on the over 3,000 units APCHA oversees in Aspen and Pitkin County and its occupants. Currently, APCHA operates under a paper-based system which is inefficient and time-consuming for customers and staff. HomeTrek aims to change all of this.

Some primary benefits of HomeTrek include:  

  • Providing more accurate and reliable information about the location and condition of available or soon-to-be-available properties on the market.
  • Providing real-time information about APCHA housing options and their specific deed requirements.
  • Improving the frequency and efficiency of market information and inventory turnover.

HomeTrek will finally bring APCHA into the digital information and ‘smartphone’ age. For our customers, HomeTrek will offer a wide range of benefits:

  • It will give participants online access to APCHA valuations and deed restrictions.
  • Provide 24/7 secure access to perform most APCHA transactions including applications, payments, and annual or biannual reporting.
  • HomeTrek will give you a better way to keep up to date and learn about important program and policy changes.
  • HomeTrek will help provide information to ensure the integrity and credibility of the program.
  • HomeTrek will also help create consistent and reliable communication between APCHA and its customers.

HomeTrek FAQs


  • HomeTrek is more than just a database. It is a way for APCHA to join the digital information age to help dramatically improve customer experience, increase market performance, and ensure program accountability.
  • HomeTrek will provide the real-time data policy makers and staff need to make better decisions and recommendations on how to improve the housing program.


  • APCHA’s systems are mostly outdated, unautomated, and paper-based.
  • Without real-time access to information and data, management and oversight of APCHA’s 3,000-plus homes have been difficult to monitor, manage, and track with any certainty or reliability.
  • HomeTrek will allow APCHA to be more accountable to the community and its leaders. It will provide key performance indicators and information to help demonstrate the value of the program.


Benefits to the community:

  • Data-driven decision making supports the long-term sustainability of the affordable workforce housing program.
  • Affordable workforce housing is an essential element to our community’s economic success.
  • Affordable workforce housing is an important component to ensuring Pitkin County remains a place where people can live, work, and play.

Benefits to APCHA customers:

  • Enable residents to securely perform all APCHA transactions via a 24/7 self-service online tool
  • Provide greater accountability to our community, customers, and taxpayers. 

Benefits to the organization

  • Improve staff efficiency, productivity, and consistency.
  • Provide data and analytics to support operational decision making and regulatory policymaking.


Hexaware was selected because of their extensive global experience building custom digital databases and glowing customer reviews. Their services were also less expensive than their competitors providing greater value to APCHA and the taxpayers.


The construction of HomeTrek will use the agile or sprint project management framework over 2 phases. Phase 1 is focusing on backend internal user (staff) functionality, while Phase 2 will focus on building out the community/customer interfacing functionality.


Yes! Prior to the official kickoff of HomeTrek, the public was actively consulted for feedback. As we continue to build the system out, we will invite the public to share additional feedback. More information will be forthcoming on opportunities for providing your feedback.