Smuggler Park Subdivision

The Smuggler Mobile Home Park began as a rental mobile home park in the 1970s. In 1982, a subdivision agreement was approved by the City of Aspen whereby the tenants were able to purchase the property under their mobile home for around $25,000. There are a total of 87 Resident Occupied homes in the Park. Upon resale of any of the lots, the owner shall offer the property to persons actually employed within the City of Aspen or Pitkin County. Should, after a four-month period from the date the property is first listed for sale, there are no buyers who are employed within the City of Aspen or Pitkin County, the property may be offered for sale to any resident of Pitkin County. The purchaser must agree as a condition of the sale that they will personally occupy the property as their primary residence. Their occupancy must be approved by APCHA and the Smuggler Homeowners' Association.

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