Sign Up for Rental Units

The process for signing up to lease a deed restricted rental unit differs depending on whether the property is directly managed by APCHA or privately managed.

APCHA Managed Long-Term Rentals

The APCHA managed properties include Aspen Country Inn, Truscott Phase I, Truscott Phase II, Smuggler Mountain Apartments, and City of Aspen and Pitkin County units. If a unit is available, it will be advertised on the APCHA website on the Available Units page. When a unit becomes available, there will be a sign-up list at the both APCHA offices for three business days. No rental signups will be accepted after 3 p.m of the third business day.

After the Sign-Up

After the sign-up period ends, the applicant with the longest consecutive work history that meets all the requirements to lease that unit will be notified and offered the unit. Proof of consecutive work history must be provided by the applicant in the form of W2s, 1099s, business taxes, or some acceptable variation from the Social Security Office (i.e. work history report, etc.). Requirements to lease a unit include income and asset requirements, occupancy requirements, and any other unit specific requirements (i.e. Aspen Country Inn gives priority to senior applicants). If the person with the longest work history does not lease the unit, the applicant on the sign-up list with the next longest work history will be notified, and so forth until the unit is leased by a qualified applicant.

APCHA Managed Winter Seasonal Rentals

Winter seasonal housing is available at Marolt Ranch. The leasing period for winter seasonal housing will begin the summer preceding that year’s winter season. Information on leasing winter seasonal housing will be available on the APCHA home page once the leasing period begins.

Properties Not Managed by APCHA (Privately Managed)

For properties not managed by APCHA, prospective occupants must contact the individual property managers/ landlords when searching for available units. Contact information for most privately managed rental units is available at Privately Managed Rentals. Once a unit has been offered to a prospective occupant, the occupant must get qualified by APCHA by meeting all requirements to lease that unit before initiating a lease. If an occupant initiates a lease without first getting qualified through APCHA, both the property manager/ landlord and the occupant are out of compliance.