Property Managers & Landlords

In the following section, “landlords” includes property managers, owners of rental units, and landlords of employee housing rentals. APCHA works closely with landlords to ensure the deed restricted units are being used as intended. Landlords are responsible to remain in compliance with the terms of the deed restriction and guidelines.

  • Landlords may not lease a unit until the tenant has been approved in writing or via email by APCHA.
  • Landlords may not add a new roommate to the lease without APCHA approval.
  • All tenants for any deed restricted property must qualify through APCHA prior to moving in and/or executing a lease.
  • Landlords must provide to APCHA copies of all leases signed by both parties prior to occupancy.
  • Landlords must not charge any rent over the maximum allowable rent per their deed restriction.
  • Unless authorized by APCHA, a vacancy period in a deed restricted rental unit of no more than 45 days is allowed.
  • Units must meet minimum occupancy requirements (one person per bedroom). If a roommate vacates, the remaining tenant(s) should fill the vacancy with an approved roommate within 45 days, otherwise, APCHA will fill the vacancy or determine the lease must be vacated.
  • Landlords shall, at their own cost and expense, maintain the property in safe and clean condition, in good repair, except for reasonable wear and tear.
  • Landlords shall notify tenants of qualification and requalification requirements 30 days prior to the end of the qualification period.
  • Landlords shall not renew any lease unless the tenants have been qualified/requalified.
  • Landlords shall provide disclosure in their lease that tenants must qualify with APCHA at least every two years.