Qualifying for a Rental Unit

In relation to rental units there are two options; APCHA managed rentals and privately managed rentals. When an APCHA managed rental unit is available it will posted on the website for people to submit their interest. APCHA managed rentals are given to individuals with the longest work history in Pitkin County. For privately managed rentals it's first come first serve and no work history is required. You must be offered a unit before filling out any kind of APCHA paperwork. Find the contact list to the privately managed rentals in the qualifying documents (Private Rental Properties Info). Packets submitted without all supporting documents are incomplete and will not be accepted by APCHA staff.

  1. Find an available rental unit.
  2. Be offered the unit. 
  3. Complete a Rental Application HomeTrek 
    • The rental application can be started when you click on Rent/Apply, Rent a Unit, and then navigate to the Non-APCHA managed page. You will need to know the property name and unit address. For questions please contact the help desk line. 
    • If you prefer not to complete the application online, please email a staff member to get the paper version of the application. 
    • Requirements to Qualify:
      • Meet basic eligibility requirements,
      • Meet minimum occupancy for offered unit, and
      • Meet Category income and asset limits.
         *Income is calculated using the most recent tax return. To get a more in-depth explanation on how APCHA calculates income click HERE.
  4. Once qualification is approved, contact property manager for next steps.